What does Magicalls Provides?

Magicalls is a Preview / Progressive Dialer.
One can effectively Manage Outbound Tele-Marketing Leads Sets and Scattered Remote Agents thru a Single Internet Computer.


Call Centers Calling Efforts Traditionally Required Expensive Investment in Automated Dialers and High Bandwidth Internet with Multiple Backups Maintained for All Elements of Operation like location, Dialers, Tech Staff, Internet, Power, Agents, Computers and what not. This lead to a Expensive Per Seat Initial Setup Cost and Draining Monthly Running Cost. As No's of Players Increased the Competition lead to a Revenue Situation of Non Recovery of Technology Cost within the Technologies Lifetime.

Cost Cutting Measures means:

1) Increased use of Home Based Agents but Controlling Agent and Data Security issues increases thus a need for Lead Management and Agent Management System.

2) Procuring Simpler Dialer with lesser Features but failure factor increases meaning Manual Dialing options as backup becomes Mandatory even in Dialer Setup.

3) Emphasis and Understanding that Core Productivity comes from Calling and calling only this Grand Office Setup, Expensive Dialers and Expensive Dedicated Bandwidth gives way to Small Setups with Cheap Home Plan Internet and Informal Seating.


1) No Software's to Install.

2) Agents works from multiple Locations.

3) Smart Outsourcers / Companies can Directly Hire Home Agents on Commission Terms and eliminate need for Dedicated Call Center Infrastructures.

Industry Status

1) General Data which Run on Automated Predictive RoboDialers considered useless as Much of Public opinion is against Automated Calls.

2) Maturing of Industry saw Vendors / Providers of Expensive but Specific Data with Better Contact called Hot Data for which Manual Dialing done to prevent Wastage of Data inherent to Predictive Dialers.

3) Due to high Failure ratio it is advisable to start in the Call Center Industry with Least Cost and Effective Management by Using Magicalls. Once Success and Revenue is assured, Center can Invest in Traditional Setups.